Press release, 2 August 2017

Chris McNamee, H.E Edward Ferguson, Mayor Hozan, Dzevad Delic

Chris McNamee, H.E Edward Ferguson, Mayor Hozan, Dzevad Delic

British Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, H.E. Edward Ferguson paid a visit to company Steelmin d.o.o., British producer of strategic alloys for the metal and chemical industries that has been operating in Jajce since 2011. The Ambassador, Edin Hozan, the Mayor of Jajce, and Alma Kadunic, the Director of UK International Trade and Investment in BiH were greeted by Chris McNamee, the Managing Director of Steelmin Limited, and Dzevad Delic, Director of its BiH branch Steelmin d.o.o.

Recently, Steelmin Limited entered into a financing agreement with another British company Red Rock Resources, a natural resource development company, to recommission its ferrosilicon smelter in Jajce, which would increase production and create more jobs for citizens of Jajce.

Steelmin is looking to rebuild the proud tradition of ferro-alloy production at the site in Jajce, which dates back to the 1890’s. Chris McNamee, Managing Director of Steelmin Limited, said, “I am extremely pleased with the progress that the team in Jajce, led by Mr Dzevad Delic, have made in recommissioning the plant. Mr Delic and his senior engineering team have been instrumental in capturing the industrial expertise from the Elektrobosna era and passing that knowledge on to the new generation of local engineers. The response we have received from potential customers has been tremendous, as has support from local equipment and material suppliers. We anticipate the majority of the material produced at the site will be sold to the EU, thus helping Bosnia and Herzegovina to generate further export revenues. The outlook for the silicon industry is very promising and we look forward to making the project a success”. 

Ambassador Ferguson said, “I love coming to Jajce.  It’s one of my favourite towns in BiH.  But while I normally come to enjoy Jajce’s fascinating history, today I’m here to see its future.  It’s fantastic to see the experienced and skilled workers of Jajce teaming up with major British investors to bring this important industry back to life.  By the time production starts early next year, Steelmin will employ 150 people, and expects this number to grow in future.  So this is an important investment in the long-term prosperity of this community.”

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